Events Archive Invitation, Funding

This site covers 4 related projects funded by NSF:

1) Global Event and Trend Archive Research (GETAR) is supported by NSF (IIS-1619028 and 1619371) starting in late 2016This project will devise interactive, integrated, digital library/archive systems coupled with linked and expert-curated webpage/tweet collections, covering key parts of the 1997-2020 timeframe, supporting research on urgent global challenge events and initiatives. It will allow diverse stakeholder communities to interactively: collect, organize, browse, visualize, study, analyze, summarize, and explore content and sources related to biodiversity, climate change, crises, disasters, elections, energy policy, environmental policy/planning, geospatial information, green engineering, human rights, inequality, migrations, nuclear power, population growth, resiliency, shootings, sustainability, violence, etc. GETAR will leverage VT research on digital libraries, natural language processing, HCI, information retrieval, machine learning, discovery analytics, and Web archiving.

2) Finishing up its 4th year is NSF grant IIS - 1319578, III: Small: Integrated Digital Event Archiving and Library (IDEAL). Final Report.

3) Precursor to IDEAL was the Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network, CTRnet, supported by NSF IIS-0916733 from 2009 to 2013

4) Earliest in this series was SGER: DL-VT416: A Digital Library Testbed for Research Related to 4/16/2007 at Virginia Tech., supported by NSF IIS-0736055.

Invitation: If you are interested in important world events, check out this site. Highlights include: