Category Event Name Keywords/Hashtag Location Date Description Count
Community 4th of July #4thofJuly USA 7/1/15 July 4th celebration 30849
Plane Crash AirAsia plane crash #AirAsia Malaysia 12/29/14 AirAsia Berhad - Malaysian airline with flight QZ8501 to Singapore missing 203798
Train Derailment Amtrak 188 train crash #Amtrak188 USA, PA, Philadelphia 5/13/15 Amtrak train 188 derailed north of Philadelphia 14453
Community Baltimore riots #BaltimoreRiots USA, MD, Baltimore 4/27/15 Riots in Baltimore following Freddie Gray arrest, injuries, then death 40821
Politics black lives matter black lives matter USA, Canada, Ghana 9/8/15 US activist movement since July 2013 campaigning against police brutality of African-Americans 24943
Bombing Boston bombing #BostonBombing USA, MA, Boston 4/8/15 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev killed 4, wounded hundreds in 2013 Boston Marathon bombing 8360
Shooting Chapel Hill shooting #ChapelHillShooting USA, NC, Chapel Hill 2/11/15 Craig Stephen Hicks killed 3 neighbors in Chapel Hill 55291
Shooting Charleston shooting #CharlestonShooting USA, SC, Charleston 6/18/15 Hate crime killing of 9 at church 112387
Shooting Charlie Hebdo shooting #CharlieHebdo France, Paris 1/7/15 French satirical weekly magazine, target of terrorist attacks in 2011, 2015 439572
Community FIFA corruption Sepp Blatter Switzerland, Zurich 6/2/15 8th president of FIFA 7430
Community Freddie Gray #FreddieGray USA, MD, Baltimore 4/22/15 Freddie Gray arrest, injuries, then death 91900
Shooting Garissa school shooting #GarissaAttack Kenya, Garissa 4/2/15 Garissa University College attack by Al-Qaeda offshoot Al-Shabaab gunmen killing 147 76987
Plane Crash German wings plane crash #Germanwings France, Alps 3/24/15 Lufthansa subsidiary with flight 9525 that crashed in the French Alps 33321
Community I can't breathe #icantbreathe USA, NY, Staten Island 2/17/15 Last words of Eric Garner, a black choked by non-indicted NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo 7/17/2014 49733
Politics Iran talks #IranTalks Iran 4/2/15 Talks about Iran and nuclear arms 72542
Collapse Mecca crane collapse #Mecca Saudi Arabia, Mecca 9/11/15 Mecca crane collapse 9886
Community Memorial Day #MemorialDay USA 5/25/15 Commemoration for those who died in military service 19501
Earthquake Nepal earthquake #NepalEarthquake Nepal 4/25/15 Nepal April Gorkha earthquake and severe May aftershocks 69107
Community Presidents Day #PresidentsDay USA 2/16/15 Presidents Day + Washington's birthday Holiday 13633
Community Same sex marriage #LoveWins USA, DC, Washington 6/26/15 US Supreme Court upholds same-sex marriage 272685
Community US Women World Cup #USWNT Canada 7/6/15 US Women World Cup Soccer 70203
Shooting Walter Scott #WalterScott USA, SC, N. Charleston 4/8/15 Police officer Michael Slager shot unarmed, fleeing Walter Lamar Scott 48698
Shooting WDBJ7 shooting #WDBJ USA, VA 8/26/15 Virginia TV (WDBJ7) reporter, photographer killed in shooting during live interview 16026
Community Blacksburg #blacksburg USA, VA, Blacksburg 10/7/12 Blacksburg VA 12156
Fire Brazil nightclub fire brazil nightclub fire Brazil, Santa Maria 1/27/13 Kiss nightclub fire 27 Jan. 2013 in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, killing 242, injuring 630 454
Community Broad prize #broadprize USA, CA, Los Angeles 9/22/14 Winners of US Urban Education prize 212
Community Diabetes diabetes Global 10/7/12 Disease related in insulin production and handling of blood sugar 693065
Community Dr. Baden Dr. Baden USA, NY, NYC 8/18/14 Dr. Michael Baden, former: NYC Chief Medical Examiner, NYS police chief forensic pathologist; Freddie Gray autopsy 4830
Disease Outbreak Ebola Nancy Writebol Liberia, USA 9/3/14 Ebola survivor, clinical nurse associate, disinfecting Ebola treatment unit workers, nearly died in 2014 4674
Politics Election 2014 #election2014 USA 11/5/14 US midterm election Nov. 4, 2014 with GOP capturing Senate 38683
Community Eric Garner #ericgarner USA, NY, Staten Island 8/23/14 Eric Garner, a black choked by non-indicted NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo 7/17/2014 225424
Community Facebook down #facebookdown Global 9/3/14 Post when Facebook is down 70856
Community FastFood workers strike #StrikeFastFood Global 9/4/14 Fast food workers striking for $15/hr wage floor 14817
Community Ferguson #Ferguson USA, MO, Ferguson 8/11/14 Ferguson unrest after shooting of Michael Brown 898228
Community Ferguson #MikeBrown USA, MO, Ferguson 8/11/14 Ferguson unrest after shooting of Michael Brown 415593
Community Ferguson #BeyondFerguson USA, MO, Ferguson 8/29/14 After Ferguson unrest after shooting of Michael Brown 3513
Community Ferguson Ferguson USA, MO, Ferguson 10/11/14 Ferguson unrest after shooting of Michael Brown 1119603
Politics Flood Wallstreet #FloodWallStreet USA, NY, NYC 9/22/14 Thousands of protesters blocked NY's financial district 9/22/2014; ~100 arested, 10 tried - not guilty 3735
Community Foursquare foursquare WWW 10/7/12 Service to help find places (eat, drink, dine, shop, visit) at 441102
Community Gun control gun control USA 1/19/13 Community and political issues related to reducing spread of guns 455955
Community Gun violence gun violence Global 2/18/13 Violence committed with the use of a gun 240902
Community Halloween #Halloween USA + various western nations 10/23/14 Annual Halloween celebration 31 October or in early Nov., in multiple countries 360788
Community Heart attack heart attack Global 10/7/12 Illness when heart cells die myocardial infarction, e.g., blockage in coronary arteries 669199
Landslide Hiroshima landslide Hiroshima landslide Japan, Hiroshima 8/21/14 20 August 2014 heavy rain and landslides in Hiroshima Prefecture 120
Cyclone Hurricane Isaac #Isaac USA, LA, etc. 10/7/12 Hurricane Isaac in Aug. 2012, Venezuela, Antilles, USA (FL, LA, MO, AL, AR) 18294
Government Iran #iran Iran 2/11/13 Nation of Iran 1210604
Earthquake Iran earthquake iran earthquake Iran 10/7/12 Earthquakes in Iran, e.g., April 9&16, 2013; Aug. 11, 2012 13684
Politics ISIS ISIS Iraq, Syria, etc. 10/11/14 Militants called ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, of Iraq and Syria, or Iraq and ash-Sham Daesh 1116185
Flood Islip Islip USA, NY, Islip 8/13/14 Suffolk County town; with flash flood from over 13" rain Aug. 27-28, 2014 43542
Community Labor Day Labor Day USA 8/29/14 US national holiday first Monday in Sept. honoring American labor 159374
Shooting Marysville shooting Marysville shooting USA, WA, Marysville 10/24/14 Freshman Jaylen Fryberg shot 5 students at Marysville Pilchuck High School, then himself 26422
Community New River Valley #nrv USA, VA, Blacksburg area 10/7/12 New River Valley (NRV) including Blacksburg 14201
Community NMOS 14 #nmos14 USA 8/15/14 Tag for posts of heartbreaking photos of unarmed black men shot by police 1206
Community Obesity obesity Global 11/16/12 Illness when personal weight is much greater than appropriate, e.g., BMI > 30 666490
Community Oscars #oscars USA 3/3/14 Annual American Oscars Academy (of Motion Picture Arts&Sciences) Awards, for film industry 287330
Shooting Ottawa shooting #OttawaShooting Canada, Ottawa 10/24/14 Michael Zehaf-Bibeau killed Cpl Nathan Cirillio, entered Parliament, died in shootout 20387
Politics Pakistan Imran Khan Pakistan 8/12/14 Imran Khan (Niazi) cricket captain&commentator, chancellor U. Bradford, founded Tehreek-e-Insaf party 660890
Government Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan 9/1/14 Nation of Pakistan 906463
Earthquake Philippines earthquake Philippines Earthquake Philippines, Bohol 8/19/14 Many earthquakes in Philippines, e.g., 7.2 magnitude 10/15/2013 in Bohol 23075
Community Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadal Spain, Manacor 8/18/14 Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera, Spanish professional tennis player, ranked 8 in 2015 236147
Community Robin Williams #RobinWilliams USA, CA, Paradise Cay 8/12/14 American actor and comedian, 1951-2014 76995
Earthquake Santa Cruz earthquake santa cruz earthquake Santa Cruz Islands 2/7/13 Santa Cru Islands hit by magnitude 8 earthquake, small tsunami in Feb. 2013 in Solomon Islands 2274
Community Scoial good summit #2030NOW USA, NY, NYC 9/22/14 Social Good Summit 10977
Earthquake Solomon Islands earthquake solomon islands earthquake Solomon Islands 2/6/13 Magnitude 8 earthquake, small tsunami in Feb. 2013 5801
Politics Sotloff beheading Steven Sotloff Syria 9/2/14 American-Israeli journalist, 1983-2014, beheaded by ISIS 9/2/2014 in Syria 13622
Community Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving USA 11/20/14 US holiday of thanksgiving since 1863 on last Thursday in November 205568
Flood Tsunami tsunami Global 2/5/13 Flood when earthquake causes very large waves 1014001
Government Tunisia tunisia Tunisia 2/6/13 Nation of Tunisia 595010
Cyclone Typhoon typhoon Global 12/5/12 Severe cyclone in area of Pacific Ocean 489695
Cyclone Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) Hagupit Philippines 12/6/14 Hagupit - Typhoons, 2008 struck China, 2014 struck Philippines where called Typhoon Ruby 45710
Community VT virginia tech USA, VA, Blacksburg 10/7/12 Virginia Tech or VPI&SU 229801
Community Yosemite yosemite USA, CA 8/19/14 Yosemite National Park, protected since 1864, nearly 1200 square miles 598946